Bandmitglieder / band members:
Y. E. – alle Instrumente / all instruments

Gründung / founding:

Ort / location:
Huntington Park, USA / Huntington Park, US

Diskographie / discography:
Night of the Crimson Stars, Full-length album, 2019
Night of Eternal Darkness, Full-length album, 2020

Night of the Palemoon

weiterführende Links / related links:
Bandcamp, Facebook

Eingruppierung / genre:
Black Metal

Tourdaten / tour dates

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Interviews, Konzertberichte / interviews, concert reviews

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weitere Berichte / further reviews


„Night of Eternal Darkness“ Release: 2020 Tracklist: March of the Circle of ShadowsBefore the Sun DiesThe Light’s Last GaspVeiled in GloomThe Cavern of Flase HopeSevered by Your OwnBones of Compatriots

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