Bandmitglieder / band members:
Simon Lucas – Schlagzeug, Percussion, Gesang / drums, percussion, vocals
Chris Naughton – Gesang, Gitarre / vocals, guitars
Nick Wallwork – Bass, Gitarre, Gesang / bass, guitars, vocals
Dan Capp – Gitarre, Gesang, Bass / guitars, vocals, bass
Mark Deeks – Keyboard, Gesang / keyboard, vocals

Gründung / founding:

Ort / location:
Manchester, UK

Diskographie / discography:
The Ghost of Heritage, Full-length album, 2008
The Mercian Sphere, Full-length album, 2010
The Threnody of Thriumph, Full-length album, 2012
The Divination of Antiquity, Full-length album, 2014
The Dark Hereafter, Full-length album, 2016
The Hallowing of Heirdom, Full-length album, 2018
The Reckoning Dawn, Full-length album, 2020

Candlelight Records

weiterführende Links / related links:
Bandcamp, Facebook

Eingruppierung / genre:
Black Metal

Tourdaten / tour dates

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Interviews, Konzertberichte / interviews, concert reviews

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weitere Berichte / further reviews


„The Reckoning Dawn“ Release: 2020 Tracklist: Misdeeds of FaithA Hostile FateAbsolved in FireThe Reckoning DawnA Greatness UndoneBetwixt Two CrownsYielding the March LawIn Darkness Begotten

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